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Every developer knows you should have a one, exact, coding standard in your company. Here’s what’s happening: when you started coding you had no idea what you were doing. Once you hurt yourself one too many times with sloppy code, you came to understand that you were a mere apprentice. Your new grab bag of tricks would make you a rock star programmer.

Every developer also knows you have to fight to get your rules into the company standard. Well-meaning, and otherwise fabulous developers are publishing Java Script coding standards and style guides. Starting on the path to master craftsman, you soaked up Code Complete, The Pragmatic Programmer, and of course, Joel. Your productivity had already doubled (looking back, that’s hardly surprising).

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Download 60 new hobby ideas including my top five and other tips I’ve put together for gamers. People aren’t going to stop playing video games by studying more.

You get to the point where you understand that people are not machines. You need to give up control to get the best results.

You decide if you can sleep at night with random code layouts and inconsistent variable names. Growing up I played video games as much as I possibly could.It got to the point where I would refuse to even do any chores around the house because that would take time away from playing video games. You imposed your brilliant ideas on others, certain of victory. Over time you came to realize that you know so little, and all your wonderful ideas are sand castles. So why do most intelligent coders do exactly the opposite? First, you transfer your own experiences onto others.

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