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Check if your devices and drivers are working correctly, or troubleshoot their problems, with all information and options that you can possibly need.With device identifier you can troubleshoot and search for information on devices that are not recognized by Windows.Products using Display Link technology will get their device drivers either from OEM pre-installation or from Windows Update for supported Windows 10 S platforms.This driver includes support for the USB video and audio and Ethernet drivers for the Display Link chip used in devices.Graphics drivers provide hardware acceleration for 3D graphics and are required for the smooth operation of functions such as gaming and video playback.When you buy a new graphics card you should also update the relevant drivers as graphic cards are tweaked time and time again by the manufacturer after initial release.Our driver cleaner can further prepare your computer when you install a new driver or change the hardware on your computer, as keeping old drivers can cause startup, stability and performance issues.In addition, device control enables you to backup, download or uninstall drivers, disable or restart devices, and scan for hardware changes.

You can also create a backup of all your installed drivers at once.Furthermore, our device monitor gives you insight into the sensors from the devices installed on your computer, such as the power usage, temperature and clock speed.Driver Fusion provides you with comprehensive information on every device and driver installed in your computer, allowing you to detect, solve and prevent problems and will help keep your PC running as efficiently and effectively as possible.Manufacturers can make life difficult Many manufacturer websites are built like a maze.It can take a lot of your time simply finding your specific card and the specific drivers for them, which you then have to download and install.

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