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SAFELY AND SECURELY OUT OF SIGHT Ideal protection No visible mounting brackets, no cables, no suction pad marks on the windscreen – the unique concept and concealed fitting in the glove compartment give no clues about the existence of a navigation system in the vehicle.As added anti-theft protection, the Becker MAP PILOT can be locked in its rack and electronically secured by an optional PIN.If you own a Mercedes-Benz car which comes with the in-dashboard GPS Mercedes-Benz navigation system then you might find from time to time that it is not as accurate as it was when you first purchased the car.This is down to the fact that the maps (supplied by the Navteq Company) will become out of date regularly due to changes occurring on the road network.The ergonomic user guide and intuitive operation from the multifunction steering wheel, rotary push-button controller or by spoken commands create an enhanced level of convenience and safety.CLEARLY STRUCTURED DISPLAY, PERFECT SOUND Perfect integration Complete integration into the vehicle electronics system, combined with the Mercedes-Benz operating concept, enable all functions and navigation information to be shown on the central display and on the instrument cluster.A single road segment contains up to 260 unique data attributes.

Finding an alternate route to work, locating the nearest fuel station, taking a scenic detour on a road trip—your Mercedes-Benz navigation system will optimize your driving experience every time you get behind the wheel.

Up to 200 destinations, including a convenient “Home” function, can be stored and routes planned with up to ten intermediate destinations.

TIMELESS, UNIQUE AND FUTURE-PROOF A lasting investment With its unique concept, the Becker MAP PILOT will remain updatable for years to come and so keep up to the latest standards.

It was sixty years ago when Mercedes-Benz first opted to use the now legendary Becker Mexico car radio in its premium models.

In the intervening years, engineers of both companies have set leading standards in the development of infotainment, navigation and sound systems.

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