Sex onlain cam niderlands

She emphasises the need for further research in the field.The study concerns relatively small groups, which means the results must be interpreted with caution.The report can be downloaded from the Barnafrid website or Allmänna Barnhuset.(CBS/AP) AMSTERDAM - Dutch children's rights activists used a computer-generated image of a 10-year-old Philippine girl to catch suspected sex predators and say that, as a result, they successfully unmasked 1,000 Internet users from 71 countries who wanted to pay to watch a child engage in sex acts via webcam.“The report indicates that online abuse is just as serious.The results can be important to the justice system, and contribute to the discussion on online sexual abuse.However, their family’s financial situation, their parents’ employment situation, etc.differed very little compared to those who had not been subjected to online sexual abuse.

The courts will determine whether this can be equated to abuse where the perpetrator and the victim meet in real life.

Barnafrid, located at Linköping University, is a national knowledge centre focussed on the abuse of children; Stiftelsen Allmänna Barnhuset is a foundation that aims to help vulnerable children.

“Our report shows that online abuse where the child hasn’t met the perpetrator can have just as serious consequences as abuse that occurs offline.

“What the young people who have experienced online sexual abuse have in common is that they have been vulnerable in various ways.

They have been through difficult things in life, such as bullying, violence and abuse, and they often have a worse relationship with their parents,” says Linda Jonsson.

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