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It focuses on spectacular visuals related to the science of our planet, with an emphasis (although not an exclusive one) on the unfolding Anthropocene Epoch.

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But there is no question that a warm and dry winter had primed the region for a disaster like this. snowfall was light this winter across the region, and it disappeared quickly during record warmth in April.

And I’ve left in the scale at lower right so you can get a sense of just how big this blaze is. The city of Fort Mc Murray largely exists as a result of the oil sands boom that began in the 1970s.

The Florida-sized deposits of these difficult-to-produce fossil fuels in Alberta comprise the third largest oil reserves in the world, after of Venezuela and Saudi Arabia.

And as the Weather Underground’s Bob Henson and Jeff Masters point out, “in springtime, the snowpack is vanishing far more quickly than it did in decades past, another outcome well predicted by global climate models.” Combine natural variation with human-caused climate change, and this is a pretty good picture of what emerges: A screenshot of a video captured by a security camera shows a home burning down on May 3, 2016 in the Fort Mc Murray wildfire.

James O’Reilly and his wife watched it happen remotely on an i Phone.

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    Both men oppose dam removal and the accompanying settlement.