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Likewise the stupid reals estate show-"Buying naked" -this one is really pathetic, the cast are shown with table lamps clutching folders, behind candles etc. Kerri is a great, open minded, very expressive girl who is in full touch with her emotions and a rare capability of controlling them. A true gentleman who treats woman tremendous respect but he's a bit young to know exactly what he wants or simply a guy - dazzled by sexy manipulative women.it disrespects the nudists it's supposed to represent. "OK, we want you naked, but we DO NOT want to see your cock or your pussy, you MUST always have something in front of them, Er hows that angle Bob, can you see cock? Surely if you are going to hook up with a potential mate, then an erection or two is going to happen? As for Kerri's choice at the end - I think Chris wasn't really into her as a girlfriend but just as a friend to start with. if they'd used the word "connection" one more time...) and I think he chose Kerri just because of his loyalty to the rules of the game.So the obvious hook is to appeal to the voyeur in all of us.But if I am going to be tempted to watch a show which features the word "nude" or "naked' then I expect to see things that are not normally on display, otherwise what's the point?The nudity is a factor, but the condensed time frame and the multiple partners make for some interesting situations. This has to be one of the most stupid programs I have ever watched. There's no way any of us can relate to this experience.

", "Buying Naked" (supposedly buying a home for nudists). Just bare butts and a lot of blurring of boobs, cocks, vagina's -even long distance shots of gays balls-from behind are blurred.

Obviously this will not be shown, but again, it's all so deceitful. WHY is it appropriate to show "indigenous" people but not nudity in American culture? (Which reminds me - Kerri's decision to go home alone that day just should how contagious she really is and how she stays 100% true to herself - more than to the rules of the game or to anything else. "Dating Naked" is a show where, like "The Bachelor", the producers line up dates with potential love interests.

I posted comments on one site about the "Naked and Afraid" show and got attacked for being a voyeur and somehow being a pervert, but honestly if you're not in some shape form or sense a voyeur why on earth would you tune in to a show promising nudity? The reason being is not because of the shows contents. In this case, a man and a woman are each "dating" others in hopes of making a suitable match while at a tropical island location.

Without the nudity, this show would naturally be a 3/10. In the first episode, we meet Joe and Wee Wee (that's her nickname).

But because the show is daring and that it exposes how ridiculous censoring nudity is, it deserves a significantly higher rating. Just today, I was watching a TV show that actually had a censor warning saying that "Indigenous people may be nude" and it was rated TV-PG. After very little ceremony, they strip and then have a "date" together on a nearby beach.

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