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She graduated with honors." Vladyka studied three years at the institute, but when the Moscow Theological Seminary was reopened, he abandoned his temporarily chosen vocation to realize his true calling. Now there is a church located on the premises, and a hall dedicated to him.

He would return to the Institute of Railway Transport Engineers in 2002 to head the theology cathedra organized there. In 1945, Konstantine Nechayev began his service to the Church as a subdeacon in the Patriarchal cathedral.

His stories were so engaging that resourceful and diligent assistants continually wrote them down, and after his death, respectfully published them in a volume entitled, Departing Rus'. From its pages emerges a unique personality, a born clergyman, and a dedicated hierarch of the Church.

The book also illustrates how a sincerely religious man had to maneuver in such complicated times.

"Naturally I could not enter seminary, because it had been closed since I was four years old, and I had to study somewhere." The secular school, however, was no threat to his integrity—World War II was on, and people were different then.

He remembered the wholesome spirit among the students.

Vladyka attributed his own stern and stubborn character to his native Tambov—a character that helped him swim upstream in soviet society and carry out his intention to serve the Church.

Vladyka himself categorically refused to write his own memoirs. But I might speak…" he said, tacitly blessing those interested to record what he says.

Then he added with a chuckle, "Only, if I see what you've written, I'll probably tear it up anyway." He was always hypercritical of his own works, and as his assistants wrote, "We had to save them from him." Early life.

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