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    I'm a real laid back chick that wants a real laid back stud. My dad, my mom, my step dad, my friends, my past lovers, literally everyone has told me that I'm like their mother. Im funny and I love to laugh and I have a good sense of humor. I also believe that there is alot out rhere that science and our brains cant explain. I would loove to own an isan bakery/cafe/ sandwich shop one day. I'm kind of a girly girl but I can get down and Hi my name is Ashley Hughes I am 22 years old. I am obsessed with theatre, I have been acting since I was five. I love anything with a great story line book, play, tv show or movie if it's a great story I can't get my hands on it fast enough. I am a very family oriented person I guess you kind of have to be when you come from a family of 8 kids haha.