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The biggest bummer is that though Mc Donald’s is everywhere, they have no Mc Griddles. I met Kyle Schack, former Union College swimmer and my old assistant coach, in downtown Athens for lunch yesterday.

I got him in to the Speedo – USA swimming reception.

Carol is a 2-time American Olympian who now works for NBC and Nike. She tried to get us to believe that Carl was flying in to light the Olympic torch. Lets get this out of the way: Since people-watching is the biggest sport here in the village, name-dropping will be an integral part of this diary.

As as that may be, it’s an important part of my experience.

We make sure to work on his starts at least one session every day. George’s only teammate here on the VI squad is Josh Leban who swims at Georgia.

I spent time speaking with her mother, Kathy and her two brothers.She will be in the synchronized diving event on August 18. Only the Athletes and a handful of selected delegates will be in attendance at the Ceremonies. Now it is time for a workout at the pool - the one with no roof. I have settled my accreditation issues so I have free reign of the village again.I have not seen anything to resemble the notions that Athens isn’t ready for the Games. Volunteers must be overworked – but they seem happy and are quite helpful. I’m tasting the world cuisine and figuring out what not to try again. Before my trip, I was told I would be marching in the Opening Ceremonies. Last night was the opening ceremonies, and this morning was the beginning of the swim meet.Cassandra was still diving at Shaker when I was still the Shenendehowa swimming coach.We chatted it up for a bit – and hers is one of the events I don’t want to miss. Since I last wrote home, it seems like an eternity has gone by.

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