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“But there were times growing up when I felt so isolated and different that Goth gave me great comfort.For me, Goth is a feeling, it’s a way of thinking and being, it’s finding beauty in darkness and destruction.And DJ Cruel Britannia – the co-founder of World Goth Day, a yearly celebration – says it’s particularly popular in Brazil, even in the Amazon.Inspired by a BBC Radio 6 Music documentary on all things Goth, which happened to air on 22 May, Britannia and fellow DJ martin oldgoth (who doesn’t like capital letters) established the occasion eight years ago.Dr Lucy Bowes from the University of Oxford said: ‘Our study does not show that being a goth causes depression or self-harm, but rather that some young goths are more vulnerable to developing these conditions.’Participants were also asked whether they identified themselves with number of youth subcultures - including ‘sportys’, ‘populars’, ‘skaters’, ‘chavs’, ‘loners’, ‘keeners’ - those who work hard in school, and ‘bimbos’.For example, compared to young people who did not identify as a goth at age 15, those who ‘somewhat’ identified as a goth were 1.6 times as likely to have scores in the clinical range for depression at age 18.

Around 20,000 people a year attend the Wave-Gotik-Treffen music festival in Leipzig, Germany; the biennial Whitby Goth Weekend attracts thousands to the seaside town described in Bram Stoker’s .

With hindsight, I can see I was more of a part-timer, just as taken with the tight jeans and vision-impairing hairstyles of emo (a dirty word in Goth circles).

So for a deeper understanding, I contact Lisa Buttery, now 25 and an artist working for a social enterprise at Brighton university, but 10 years ago the arch-Goth in our group: a trusted source of information on the best music or where to buy niche-band T-shirts in the days before everything was available online.

Dr Rebecca Pearson from the University of Bristol, said: ‘Teenagers who are susceptible to depression or with a tendency to self-harm might be attracted to the goth subculture which is known to embrace marginalised individuals from all backgrounds, including those with mental health problems.’Writing in a linked comment in the same edition of the journal, Professor Rory O’Connor from the University of Glasgow in the UK and Professor Gwendolyn Portzky from Ghent University in Belgium said: ‘Clinicians working with adolescents showing an interest in goth subculture and displaying signs of goth identification should be aware of the increased risk of depression and self-harm in later adolescence.

Most pop subcultures are doomed to die – or if not, to persist in tragic parody like a bunch of middle-aged mods at a Butlin’s reunion. They tend to coalesce around clusters of young people in reaction to the prevailing zeitgeist, then fade away as the object of rebellion changes, and time spent preening and building a music collection is eaten up by responsibilities. Thus, since it’s no longer 2007, few are now inclined to slip into some neon and describe themselves as Nu Rave.

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