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But he’d had this terrific 20th-century romance with my grandmother where they fell in love before World War II and he’d gone off and come back.

And he was reminiscing about all the big dances and their ebullient energy and joyriding in the 1930s.

I feel like that era was fun — with the serious proviso that if you were queer, not white, not middle class, it was not fun.

EB: This is your first book, and it’s getting a lot of attention (in the New Yorker, the Atlantic, and the New York Times).

MW: The 1920s flapper and shopgirl era was a lot of fun.

On a very personal note, my grandfather was really sick and in hospice while I was finishing the book.

Now you can perhaps do that endlessly — it’s more socially acceptable to stay single and keep dating your whole life. In 1970, it was lower [23.2 for men and 20.8 for women], but it hasn’t actually been rising constantly.

But I tend to think that the revival of interest in explicitly feminist discourse in the past few years has something to do with it.

Dating specifically — it is a thing that a lot of people do, and these subjects are subjects in which humans in general and women in particular have been underserved.

EB: A related point you make is how participating in digital dating culture today is dependent upon having money.

The people who are seemingly just browsing — the people I think of as recreational daters — are the unattached urban elite. We now have virtual dating assistants: experts for people who see dating as a part-time job they’re too busy to do themselves.) So modern people who have significant financial burdens are probably not dating and may also not be able to plan for partnership.

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