Denise boutte and lamman rucker dating

While there Dianne falls asleep alone, ignoring Terry.Her assistant calls and Terry tells her to leave them alone for the week as Dianne is on vacation.Having Janet Jackson as part of the ensemble cast gives the film version an immediate crossover (from exclusively black to a more general audience)appeal and a publicity push. Yes, I know that without a doubt I’d prefer to listen to them both on an album collaboration together, rather than acting on screen together in a Tyler Perry film, but still. When I pay the ,000 for my movie ticket (that’s what a movie ticket cost these days, right? The movie tells the storyof four married couples, college friends, who gather annually for aweek-long reunion.My interest in the film is not solely because Jackson is part of the ensemble (that’s a large part though). But as the synopsis warns, "thecozy mood is shattered when the group comes face-to-face with one pair’sinfidelity.Everyone tries to fix their mistakes, but Mike wants a divorce.Sheila becomes upset with Mike and whaps him on the head. Sheila stays in town with sheriff Troy, as he gets her a job at the general store.There are not many African-Americanfemale superstars at the moment, and in my opinion, Jackson still topsthe list.

This film is about four couples, all friends from college, who are going on their annual retreat to not only work on their marriage but catch up on what’s been going on in each other’s lives.Sheila was heading to Colorado but the night was was too dark and snowy, so she pulls off on the side of the road.There Troy (Lamman Rucker), the sheriff, spots her and brings her to the station to spend the night.Goodness, one would have thought that the woman’s breasts caused war, famine, homelessness and illiteracy! Good Times still replays on TV Land, and seeing little "Penny Gordon" turn 41 confirms that Jackson was not a flash in the pan, or just a cute little face, or just well known because she was born into a famous family.Of course, I would have preferred her return to the screen in something other than what I am assuming will be a melodrama with stilted dialogue, but at least she is on screen and not fading into the sunset. I find Jackson to be an excellent triple-threat entertainer.

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