Cpanel disk space usage not updating

These figures amy seem a bit idealistic but the effects on users’ browsing experience is noticeable and it will save substantial amounts of space.

In addition, consider the best file type for the image for the best optimisation while retaining good quality.

This guide will continue to be updated and should not be considered a complete list of linux shell commands, but commands, we found, often used.

If you would like to add to this guide, please email us and let us know.

Things like photographs should always be optimised as jpg or jpeg ~ this file type is best suited to maintain the quality of the image.

JPG files can be further shrunk by applying a ‘progressive browser display’ optimisation (which has the effect of initially producing a blurred image as it loads to a crisp and clear one).

cpanel disk space usage not updating-1

Try to avoid PNG files as they are notoriously large and do not optimise as well as JPGs and GIFs, and BMP files are usually much larger again.sourceid=navclient&aq=t&ie=UTF-8&rls=GGLG, GGLG:2005-41, GGLG:en&q=free image optimisation). Once you done this, don’t forget to check your page weight (see how large the page size including all code and images) by using a good free online web page analyzer.Many sites offer free or paid file downloads, if you do this, you should ensure that all download files are compressed, zip being the most popular format.The best program for optimising GIFs is by far Marcomedia’s Fireworks, and the best for optimisation of JPGs is by far Adobe’s Photoshop, but both come with such an immense price tag so one has to consider the economics of the small investor, in which case Paint Shop Pro is a very suitable option for both GIFs and JPGs.If your budget is that low that you cannot afford a graphics program to do the work for you then there are of-course some reasonably good free online image optimisers (

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