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Need for congnition was assessed usint the 18-item, short-form need-for-cognition scale.Results show that need for cognition of individuals has significant positive association with effectiveness in solving complex problems.How to make a 150-year-old run faster, carry more load and make more money?In the year 2000, the Indian Railways – the world's second largest railway network under a single management was nearly bankrupt.

The paper concludes with the observation that OD will always have a significant role to play in how we organize and manage work.

Apart from books on Change Management, Organisation Development and Strategic Management of Public Enterprises, Professor Ramnarayan has edited a book of Cases in Organisational Behaviour.

The paper illustrates the design considerations for making participatory processes effective through two short case illustrations.

Individuals with a higher need for cognition: (a) were more successful in solving theproblem.

(b) collected information and made decisions on more aspects of the problem and (c) faced fewer crises during the process. Results further indicate that exposure strengthens the development of need for cognition.

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