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Thapae Stadium hold boxing events every Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturdays between 9pm-midnight.Food and alcohol stalls are situated within the stadium and the price for meals is extremely reasonable to a budget traveller.(Sorry ladies, I missed the snap of their physiques – I was too much in awe myself!) The next five rounds were reminiscent of a Rocky fight; each opponent giving it their all and sizing each other up with hefty blows and nifty jabs and knees to the ribs. He strutted into the ring with an I-have-just-bench-pressed-the-world air of confidence and I nodded in agreement as my Canadian friend leaned in and said; The other guy was Thai, he was big and chunky but didn’t possess the same amount of impressive lean muscle mass as the French kid, but he was still a big bloke.The first guys up, weighing 120 pounds, were both Thai’s and looked very evenly matched in size and weight.This was my first witnessing of the endearing ritual that takes place, before the guys kicked the snot out of each other.

Once the match started, I noticed two things immediately: The French kid was quite possible not human and the Thai kid had some sick level of pain threshold, albeit impressive.

Employee engagement and employee satisfaction are important metrics for HR professionals, yet many struggle to answer some key questions: Employee satisfaction measures tangible things such as how much workers like their perks and benefits.

He often navigates the world with a wheelchair or a mountain-climbing harness while Elizabeth takes on life with the kind of humor and honesty that may make you blush and befriend her all at once.

(why would you want to punch someone’s face in, when you could just chat to sexy people instead?

) But when it comes to a good old combative sport, with rules, tradition, skill, fitness and determination – count me in and get me a ringside seat! Muay Thai is a combative sport that uses stand-up striking along with various clinching techniques.

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