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Its broadcast by American Public Television is funded in part by AARP Foundation, working to win back opportunity for struggling Americans, 50 and older.

* * * * * Set for Life follows three Baby Boomers who struggle to recover from the devastating impact of losing their jobs during the Great Recession.

SCETV/South Carolina’s statewide network – Sunday, Nov.

24 at 11pm on their WEDU channel as well as Saturday, Nov.

Their expectations seemed justified until the Great Recession decimated the economy and 15 million Americans lost their jobs.

In clips, Baby Boomers, who are now in their fifties and sixties, express their shock and disbelief.

Cinema Village 22 East 12th [email protected] Place New York, NY • Myrtle Beach International Film Festival Thursday, April 25 at p.m.

They grew up confident that their future would be guaranteed if they worked hard and followed the rules. The three main characters they suffer financial woes, self-doubt and health concerns during through the daunting job search process that older unemployed workers face today. Click on the link below to buy a copy of the DVD, which costs .99 plus .00 for shipping and handling. Thrust by the Great Recession into a quest they never expected to face at the age of 50-plus also opens deeper questions that are relevant for every individual: What defines my self-worth? SET FOR LIFE PUBLIC TELEVISION BROADCAST SCHEDULE (in date order) OPB/Portland – Thursday, Nov. on Channel 12.2 Pioneer Public Television/Minneapolis – Thursday, Feb. Secret Theatre 4402 23rd Street Long Island City, NY • AARP Foundation (private screening) Thursday, Feb. 17 at 10 pm on main channel WUSF/Tampa – Tuesday, Feb. on WUSF Knowledge SCREENINGS • Madrid International Film Festival July 1 to 6, 2013 • Princeton Public Library Wednesday, June 5 at 7 p.m. • Queens World Film Festival Saturday, March 9 at p.m.

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